Anything Kicks

Hi! I have another goodie for you!! So soon, I know 🙂 I couldn’t hold myself. Before I tell you what it is…

…I want to say — What a night last night was! I was performing at [beep]’s Unrelenting Techno event in Brighton at The Verdict (you should check it out if you live in England). All the tunes I played (except for last one) were made on Impulse Tracker between 2000 and 2005, all sample-based. Check out my set here:

Now, here’s the thing — I still love samples! I know there’s tonnes of VSTs which can cook and wash …BUT I still believe samples can be so powerful in your creative workflow.

So, I am presenting to you a rack for Ableton Live which can turn ANY sound into a kick (or at least something which sounds like a kick 🙂 ). Here’s a tip — the shorter the source sound, the better. I was using looped single-cycle waves and it was amazeballs. Please, just don’t use square waves 🙂 (unless you are deeply compelled to)


Try fiddling with the Scan knob (Macro 7) to find the sweet spot. Also, remember to tweak Attack and Hold, Start Pitch and End Pitch for best results. I will leave that to you 🙂 Of course, you can always bounce to audio, spice it up with more saturation, filtering, short reverb, layer it up with more sounds, whatever!

It’s all yours! Take it! 🙂

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  • Zachary Chippington

    thanks a lot mate