Drum Generator v1

Hello everyone!

Have you ever needed a step sequencer in Ableton Live? As you know, there is no native step sequencer in Live. That’s why I present to you the Drum Generator!

Built using only native devices, Drum Generator gives you a 16-step sequencer with cool generative abilities for all you sound design junkies out there.

DrumGen v1

DrumGen v1

Check out this short video of Drum Generator in action:

In essence, the ‘sequencer’ is not an actual sequencer but an arpeggiator which triggers a drum rack. As usual – very simple, built using native Ableton devices. The Pattern Length defines the length of the sequence – 4, 8, 12, 16 steps. You can play with the Order knob which when set to 0 triggers a random order of the pattern (similar to Probability Impulse).

The concept could be taken further to extend the 16-step pattern to 32 or even 64-steps; not to mention the ability to duplicate this rack and have two simultaneous sequences playing at the press of one button!

Grab your free copy of Drum Generator here. Built using Ableton Live 9.7.1



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