iMPC-style Repeater FX

Hey, guys!

I was fiddling today with iMPC Pro for iPad (which is a very nice app, check it out here) and I got this idea to recreate some of its performance effects. In the app, you are provided with a beat repeat with 4 timing options 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 and 1/32 and a filter. The filter is performance-based and can be seen as a “one knob filter” combining low-pass and high-pass in one unit.

The resultant effect rack has 3 knobs – Repeat On/Off, Timing and filter Cutoff. The one knob filter is something I’d made long time ago but hadn’t had time to publish it. Everything is made using native Live effects. So, here you have it, too!

MPC Repeat FX Rack

While I was jamming on iMPC, I made a quick sketch (which, I promise, I will finish one day!) and then recorded it in Live where messed with automation remotely using Push and TouchOSC. Watch the video below for a short jam:

Download the rack from here – MPC Repeat FX download


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