Random Amen glitch rack

It’s time for some glitchy Amen break randomness that makes sense!

With the next instrument rack (it is a clip, actually) you will be able to run a drum rack which triggers a random sample. All you need to do is hit a single MIDI note (C3) and enjoy the glitchy beat that comes out!

For your convenience, I have created a sample MIDI clip containing 8th notes. Don’t forget to set the tempo of your project to (at least) 140 BPM. Additionally, you can bounce the audio to a separate track and re-sample to perfection!

Keep in mind that instead of the Amen break, you can load your own samples or even trigger a synthesizer (say Analog, Operator, VSTs if you like…)

Let the glitch beg.. beg.. beg.. begin.. in.. in.. in..

[download file=”http://www.liveracks.com/wp-content/uploads/RandomAmen.rar”]

Please let me know what you think about it in the comments below! Thanks!

UPDATE: Due to the huge interest, here is one quick geeky tip. You can actually record the (random) MIDI output to a separate MIDI track and then use that new clip on the actual drum rack itself! In order to use the new clip, you need to turn down the “Random” knob so it disables the Random MIDI effect inside the rack. Later on, you can “refine” the clip’s MIDI notes to taste. For the confused ones, I’m adding two screen shots of the routing:


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