Subtractor wave set bass

Ok, this is a beast – a complete wave set re-sampled directly from Reason’s Subtractor into Ableton’s Sampler.

SubTractor was re-sampled at C3 with all filters off.

But wait! There’s more to it!

How about selecting which wave to play (by simply sliding the loop marker)? How about adding some frequency modulation? How about LFO and an Amp to make it dirty? Maybe some spread, too?

I have conveniently mapped the knobs of the rack to allow further sound design on the exact bass sound you are looking for. Don’t forget to experiment with the modulator wave and coarse (knobs 5 and 6), transpose (knob 1) and, of course, LFO rate (knob 2).

Download by paying with a tweet to help spread the news!

Have fun and let me know what sounds you got! Thanks!

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