TexturiZer v2

Hello guys! Rubik here. Today I want to show you TexturiZer v2! For those of you not familiar with the device please check out the original post here.

I have been thinking of a way to create moving and more organic sounding textures. What I thought would be cool was to be able to blend a few textures thus creating a sense of movement and progression. Feel free to use any sample as a source – from percussive blips to vocal samples and others.

This time I have used two sample pairs (each pair is a separate instrument chain). The blending of sounds happens on two levels – first, you can blend between the sounds in the pair; second, you blend between the two pairs. Thus you have 4 textures to work with! It’s easier to show than explain so check out the demo below. I am sorry about the pops and clicks, I think I’m having a problem with the audio driver.

Download TexturiZer v2

NOTE: You need to load your own samples into all 4 Simpler devices. I have used samples from a sample pack which I’m currently working on. Just check out the demo below:

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